Services Offered


We provide electrical solutions for every application. If you need an electrician to repair wiring in a specific area of your home or to rewire an entire building, we have the expertise to help you. Dealing with any type of electrical components requires the capability of a professional. You risk damaging your home or building’s entire electrical system as well as causing harm and injury to yourself. At Chin Electrical & Airconditioning, we have the know-how and experience to deal with any electrical fault or installation. We believe in providing an excellent service, and guarantee you a safe living or working environment when we leave your property.

Air conditioning:

With the extreme heat we experience in the summer months, it becomes unbearable and difficult to perform our daily duties. We supply and install premium quality air conditioning units that will keep you cool during summer months and warm throughout the cooler winter months. We also specialise in air conditioner repairs and servicing.


If you’re moving premises, building a new property or rearranging your communication equipment at your current location, contact Chin Electrical & Airconditioning for assistance. We have an expert team of communication professionals who specialise in installing and connecting cabling for a variety of devices such as; phones, data network points, television and aerial cabling and wireless mobile systems.


We supply and install a variety of security solutions to put your mind at ease during the night or when you leave the property. We supply high quality CCTV technology as well as alarm systems and door entry units. As your one-stop shop, we install all these security solutions and make sure it works in peak condition when we leave.

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